• Pure Ceramic

    Aluminum Color Steel Sheet

  • Ceramic Hyperville

    Galvanized Color Steel Sheet

  • Hyperville 40

    Ultra-high Weather Resistance

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SY로고의 아이덴티티 나비나뭇잎 이미지

SY produces
only high functional ceramic color steel sheets.

Compared to existing general RMP color steel sheet, ceramic color steel sheet is a state-of-the-art material that maintains its luster without discoloration over time due to its excellent weather resistance and corrosion resistance. In addition, it has non-staining properties and self-cleaning power to maintain cleanliness for a long time.

Having accumulated various application methods and manufacturing technologies as the Korea ‘s largest use of color steel sheets for nearly 30 years, SY combines its own color steel sheet technology and years of
R&D capabilities to manufacture and sell excellent ceramic color steel
sheets at almost the same price as general RMP color steel sheets.

As Asia's No. 1 sandwich panel company, SY is a true color
steel sheet manufacturing company equipped with
400,000 tons of color steel sheet production facilities
per year for its own use and domestic and foreign exports.

We will present a new paradigm for color steel sheets for
building materials by collaborating with world-class paint
companies such as PPG and VALSPAR to release products with a 40-year warranty.

배경 강판 이미지
  • Pure Ceramic

    Aluminum Color Steel Sheet

  • Ceramic Hyperville

    Galvanized Color Steel Sheet

  • Hyperville 40

    Ultra-high Weather Resistance

  • Excellent weatherability
    No discoloration
  • Convenient cleaning
    Easy to clean
  • Excellent stain resistance
    No stain
  • Excellent machinability
    No deformation

The secret of various colors,
convenient processability, high cleaning power
and weather resistance is SY's unique
ceramic color coating system.

steel image


SY's ceramic technology presents
a new standard for color steel sheets.

Comparison of color steel sheet performance by type

  • General RMP
  • Fluorine Coating(PVDF)
  • Main material
  • GI / AL
  • GI / AL
  • Color diversity
  • ★★★
  • Gloss maintenance
  • ★★★
  • Weather resistance
  • ★★★
  • Economical efficiency
  • ★★★
  • Machinability
  • ★★★
  • ★★★
  • Stain resistance
  • Cleaning power
  • Pure Ceramic
  • Ceramic Hyperville
  • Hyperville40
  • AL
  • GI
  • GI / AL
  • ★★★
  • ★★★
  • ★★
  • ★★
  • ★★★
  • ★★
  • ★★
  • ★★★☆
  • ★★★
  • ★★★
  • ★★
  • ★★★
  • ★★★
  • ★★★
  • ★★★
  • ★★★
  • ★★
  • ★★★
  • ★★★
  • ★★

Color steel sheets exposed to the outside for a long time may undergo deformation such as discoloration, gloss loss, and chalking over time. Ceramic color steel sheet is noteasily discolored due to its good weather resistance.

contamination case

Discoloration case


It is clean
when coated with color steel plate and ceramic.

Non-pollution durability is good.

Since color steel sheet is used as a product that is continuously exposed to the external environment, such as building exterior materials, there is a high possibility of contamination due to UV rays and pollutants in the air left unattended for a long time. Existing RMP color steel sheets often degraded the aesthetics and lowered the value of the building due to the aging of the painted surface or the adhesion of contaminants such as soil, dust, yellow sand, exhaust gas, and tire powder.

Having non-polluting properties that fundamentally block the source of contamination on the surface of the steel sheet, SY ceramic color steel sheet maintains a clean surface for a long time because adhering contaminants are washed away when it rains.

ⓒ Principle of SY Ceramic Color Self-cleaning power     Ceramic coating treatment prevents contaminants in the air from
    adhering to the surface of the product. Hanging contaminants are
    also easily cleaned with water.

Use SY Ceramic Color Steel Sheet.
The value of buildings goes up,
and cleaning costs are saved.

ⓒ Comparison of exterior cleaning costs for buildings based on 10,000㎡ (20 years)

<1.26 billion won>

  • After the 3rd year of construction
  • Cleaning once a year
  • Cleaning fee: KRW 7,000 per ㎡

Buildings with general color
steel plate (RMP) applied

50% or more savings ※ Cleaning unit cost can be reduced due to the ease of cleaning

<630 million won >

  • Cleaning once
    every 2 years

Building with SY ceramic
color steel plate applied

Ft. Myers Outdoor Test completed

In collaboration with world-class paint companies such as PPG and VALSPA, SY produces color steel sheets with excellent resistance to coating film damage caused by UV rays such as discoloration, gloss loss, and chalking.

Fort Myers is a city in the southern tip of Florida, USA. It is a city optimized for weather resistance tests due to the large amount of sunlight throughout the year. SY makes high functional ceramic color steel sheets combined with our ceramic coating technology using only paints that have been verified through the Fort Myers outdoor exposure test for many years.

Worldwide No.1 ultra-high
weather-resistance color steel sheet.Guarantees quality for up to 40 years.

Hyperville 40 is a color steel plate with a 40-year warranty in collaboration with world-class paint companies such as PPG and VALSPA. If you need a semi-permanent product with ultra-high weather resistance, we recommend Hyperville 40.

Items and Details of Hyperville 40 Warranty

Material perforation Surface cracks and peeling Bleaching and discoloration Choking
Roofing material 40 years 30 years ≤△E 10
(30 years)
(30 years)
Wall 40 years 30 years ≤△E 8
(30 years)
(30 years)

※ Within 1km of coastal and industrial areas are excluded from warranty.
※ For details, please check the full warranty issued at the time of purchase.

SY produces aluminum color steel sheets
and galvanized color steel sheets
in Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia.

SY’s CCL holding status and manufacturing scope

  • CCL Phase 2


  • CCL Phase 2


  • CCL Phase 1


  • GI
  • Thickness 0.23 ~ 1.6mmWidth 600 ~ 1600mm
  • AL
  • Thickness 0.3 ~ 2.2mmWidth 600 ~ 1710mm
  • Person
    in charge
  • Steel Team 070-4808-0625Quality Team 070-4808-1146Export Team 070-4808-1729

SY Ceramic contains
All colors in the world.

Pure Ceramic and Ceramic Hyperville incorporate SY's unique ceramic coating technology
to express various colors while maintaining high functionality such as weather resistance,
non-staining properties, and workability.
It retains the luster without discoloration for a long time with a soft color, and adds luxuriousness.

It can be applied in various forms due to
its excellent processability.

  • Panels for building exteriors
  • Roofing materials
  • Walls
  • Composite panels
  • Exterior materials
  • Interior materials
  • Partition
  • Fire door
  • Signage
  • Refrigerator
  • Washing machine
  • Gas stove
  • Others

Technical Summary

Features and Characteristics of Resin

Conventional RMP panel Hyperville Ceramic Panel
Resin Type Mw 8,000 ~ 10,000 20,000 ~ 25,000
OH v 20 ~ 30 15 ~ 20
Tg 10 ~ 20℃ 30 ~ 40℃
Curing System Melamine / Acid catalyst Melamine / Acid catalyst
Some Isocyanate applied
Anti Corrosion additive x Silica type rust inhibitor applied
Adhesive promoter x Phosphoric acid type

Superiority of Ceramic Hyperville Panel

TEST ITEMS TEST METHOD SPEC Hyperville panel Conventional RMP panel
Gloss 60 degree gloss - 30 ~ 35% 25 ~ 30%
BASE - Ivory, silver gray, blue, etc. 15 ~ 5㎛ 5 ~ 15㎛
Pencil hardness Mitsubishi-pencil F or more H ~ 2H H ~ 2H
Erichsen Test 100x100x6mm, Taping There should be no peeling of the coating film. Excellent Good
Impact 1/2"(ballsize)x500g(load)x50cm(height) There should be no peeling of the coating film. Excellent Good
Machinability T-Bending, taping 2T 4 points 1T 4 points 2T 4 points
Degree of hardening MEK Rubbing(50 times) There should be no peeling or traces of the coating film. Excellent Good
Warranty period Usually 5 year 7 years 5 years
Chemical resistance 5% HCl x 24hrs, 5% NaOH x 24hrs There should be no problem. Excellent Good
Stain resistance Carbon test Should be erased easily. Easily erased Heavily stained
Boiling water resistance 98℃ x 1hr There shall be no peeling of the coating film and no discoloration. Excellent Good
Eraseness Magic test Black, Blue, Red permanent marker Easily erased Traces left
Corrosion resistance X-cut, flat part 240hrs / 500hrs Excellent / Excellent Good / Good
Weather resistance W-O-M (500 hours) dE / Gloss maintenance rate 0.27 / 103% 0.39 / 93%
QUV-B (500 hours) dE / Gloss maintenance rate 0.31 / 103% 0.38 / 44%