• Jul M&E of affiliates of SY Panel (SY Tech, SY Industry, SY E&G) A corporation in Nepal to be established
  • Jun Completed a High-speed polyurethane board production line
  • May Established a local corporation in Cambodia Started to construct the factory #2 SY Panel VINA in Vietnam, SY Steel VINA factory
  • Feb Signed a joint investment agreement for SY Steel VINA in Vietnam
  • Nov Acquired shares of TIS Tech Co., Ltd.
  • Aug Established production facilities for aluminum composite panels / deck sheets
  • May Took over SNC Soju Neo Facility Technology at Jiansu in China (Site area : 972 pyeong)
  • Mar Inaugurated SY Housing / Established POLYCAM house production line
    (POLYCAM, fire doors, windows, decoration panels)
  • Dec SY Panel Co., Ltd. listed on KOSDAQ
  • Jul Established SY Steel Tech Co., Ltd.
  • May Established SY Chemistry Co., Ltd.
  • Mar Established a local corporation of PT Kencan SY Build in Indonesia
  • Jan SY Panel Co., Ltd. took over the factory Seongil Panel Co., Ltd. at Eumseong. /
    Changed the company name from Seongil Tech Co, Ltd. to SY E&G Co, Ltd.
    Newly established an office of SY Panel Co., Ltd. in Shanghai
  • Dec A grand prize for Korea Construction Culture which was awarded by the minister of the Ministry
    of Land, Infrastructure and Transport / Received an export tower prize for 5 million dollars
    of SY Panel Co., Ltd.
    SY Tech Co., Ltd. was certified by Public Procurement Service for excellent products for the first time in the country / Established SY Build Co. Ltd.
  • Oct Signed a MOU to establish a joint corporation with Indonesia
  • Mar UL Certification on Rigid Polyurethane Foam boards (Tech Board)
  • Jan Established a factory of Seongil Tech Co., Ltd. at Paju (3,500 pyeong)
  • Dec An export tower for 3 million dollars of SY Tech Co., Ltd. /
    An export tower of 1 million dollar of SY Panel Co., Ltd.
    Took over the factory Seongil Panel Co., Ltd. at Eumseong (1,100 pyeong)
  • Sep SY Tech Co., Ltd. took over the factory at Jecheon (5,364 pyeong)
  • Jul Established a factory at Sunchang of SY Industry Co., Ltd. (2,200 pyeong) /
    SY Tech Co., Ltd. took over the factory at Pyeongtaek (2,903 pyeong)
  • Jun Produced Tech Line Panel
  • May Established a production factory of a local corporation in Vietname of SY Panel Co., Ltd.
    (3,300 pyeong) / Established CCL facility at the factory at Inju in Asan
    Produced Tech TPO roof / Plastisol panel
  • Feb Registered as excellent architectural materials recommended by Korea Institute of
    Registered Architects (Solar Roof Panel, Cube Metal Panel)
  • Sep Released Cube Metal Panel
  • Jul Acquired American FM APPROVALS / A Class such as international standard ASTM E84 Test etc.
  • Apr Released a solar roof panel which is a specialized panel to install modules for photovoltaic power
    generation which is environment-friendly energy
  • Sep Produced Tech Board(Rigid Polyurethane foam for thermal insulation) (Acquired KS certification)
  • Dec Completed flame-retardant EPS board production line
  • Oct Established (in the factory in Asan) a research institute affiliated by a company
  • Aug Introduced Polyurethane panel production facility automation
  • Apr Took over Ssangma Co., Ltd., polyurethane panel manufacturer
  • Jan Completed EPS board production line
  • Jul Changed a type of business upon establishment of SY Corning Co., Ltd. (flashing for windows)
  • Jul Expanded the factory #2 in Asan
  • Feb Established the 2nd boltless forming line
  • Jan Produced sound-absorbing panels (wall, roof)
  • Nov Acquired Class 3 in flame retardance of S.E.G panel
  • Oct Completed the factory #2 in Inju (10,000 pyeong)
  • Aug Changed the company name – SY Panel Co., Ltd. Acquired KS mark permission certification(KSF 4724 / KSF 4731) Acquired a utility model for S.M.G composite panel wall sheet, roof panels and applied for a patent
  • Jun Main office building moved (located at Seryu-dong in Suwon-si)
  • Apr Established SY Corning Co, Ltd. Imported and sold asphalt shingle, vinyl siding
  • Dec Acquired a certificate for a fire-resisting structure of wall and roof panel (G/W wall and roof panels)
  • Aug Acquired ISO9001 certification (KSA 9001:2001 / ISO 9001:2000)
  • Jul Produced G/W siding panels for the first time in the country (a boltless type)
  • Jun Completed a factory and produced G/W test products
  • May Introduced G/W panel machine production line
  • Apr Moved the main office (Seryu-dong in Suwon-si), capital increased
  • Mar Started to construct the factory in Asan(located at Inju-myeon in Asan-si)
  • Sep Established the EPS panel factory (located at Muneung-li in Anseong-si)
  • Jan Corporation converted-Ssangyong Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Prior to establishment of a corporation of SY Panel
  • Nov Opened a shop for architectural materials (panels and panel accessories)
  • Oct Established Ssangyong Industry Co., Ltd.
    (A company distributing and constructing panels and windows)