Disclosure Information

현재시간   2019-12-16 02:05:52 기준
번호 일자 공시제목 제출의무자
1 20191007 Organization of Investor Relations Event SY CO., LTD.
2 20190919 Designation of overheated short-selling issues(applied by a ban on short-selling) SY CO., LTD.
3 20190625 [Revised]Decision on Merger(소규모합병) SY CO., LTD.
4 20190621 Decision on Merger(소규모합병) SY CO., LTD.
5 20190604 Results of issuance(Voluntary Disclosure)(제9회차 CB) SY CO., LTD.
6 20190531 Decision on Issuing of Convertible Bonds(제9회차) SY CO., LTD.
7 20190523 Decision on Acquisition of Treasury Stocks SY CO., LTD.
8 20190430 Change of Market Division SY CO., LTD.
9 20190405 Changes in Listing(Company Name Change) SY CO., LTD.
10 20190327 Change of CEO SY CO., LTD.