Hidden Metal 2 Fire resistance for 1 hour

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A high-grade panel system, which prevents the insulation from being exposed by finishing the four sides perfectly, completes the exterior of the building in a stylish and beautiful way. Boasting the highest quality from perfect smoothness and clean corner finish, SY Hidden Metal System can be used for various purposes ranging from auditoriums, research facilities, offices, and commercial buildings.

Features of Product

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Fire safety
(1 hour of fire resistance recognized)

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Thermal insulation

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    Features of Product

  • Fire safety Icon Fire safety (1 hour of fire resistance recognized)

    Acquired 1 hour fire-resistance structure certificate

    Airtightness Icon Airtightness

    By processing the edges of 4 sides of the panel steel without cutting sections, it has an excellent effect of preventing leakage and improved the appearance quality further.

    Durability Icon Durability

    Reinforced with side brim material at the joint, the structural strength is excellent, and the bolting position can be checked for easy maintenance.

    Thermal insulation Icon Thermal insulation

    It has solved the corrosion problem of the structure due to dew condensation with excellent insulation performance of ‘A’ grade.

    Differentiation from existing products
    Existing products Image

    Existing products

    1. Bending after notching
    2. Painting touch-up after caulking

    Hidden Metal 2 Image

    Hidden Metal 2

    1. Processing by DEEP DRAWING method
    2. Perfect leak-proof effect

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  • Fireproof Structure Recognized Standard
    Heartwood Surface material End Central part Plate thickness Fire resistance
    Glass wool insulation plate (thickness 124mm, density 64kg/㎥ or more) Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet (top: thickness 0.5mm or more / bottom: thickness 0.8mm or more) Diameter 4.0mm direct connection piece (space 200mm or less) Diameter 6mm self-screw bolt (space 1,000mm or less) 125mm or more 1 hour
    General specifications
    Classification Specification
    Hidden Metal 1 Hidden Metal 2
    Surface material for Both Sides External 0.8mm GI(fluororesin coating or silicone polyester)
    Internal 0.5mm GI(fluororesin coating or silicone polyester)
    Insulator GlassWool
    Width (joint M) 1,000mm 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1,000mm
    Recommended length 1,000 ~ 3,000mm (MAX. 6,000)
    Corner Panel / L1, L2 : 300 ~ 2,000
    L1+L2 : min.600 ~ max.4,000
    1,500 ~ 5,000mm (specifications other than the recommended length can be negotiated)
    Corner Panel / L1, L2 : 250 ~ 1,500
    L1+L2 : min.500 ~ max.3,000
    Joint width 20mm
    Production thickness 75, 100, 125, 150mm
    (Corner Panel : 75, 100, 125, 150mm)
    125, 150mm
    (Corner Panel : 125, 150mm)

    Since there may be somewhat differences by factories or products, contact the business department for details.

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    Hidden Metal 2

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