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The slim brick rail system of SY

is a new product of SY that converges advantages of ornamental bricks with incombustibility and beautiful sight with advantages of an economic and efficient dry method. It can create the beautiful exterior appearance by an easy and convenient construction method and its excellent durability and insulation.

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    Features of Product

  • Constructability Icon Constructability

    With its dry method, the construction period is shorter compared to ornamental bricks or ornamental tiles and its construction is convenient, and construction cost is low thanks to less labor and convenient maintenance.

    Insulation Icon Insulation

    An insurail or a railboard which is inergrated with an insulator is an airtight dry method that does not have a thermal bridge phenomenon.

    Incombustibility Icon Incombustibility

    It has excellent fire safety since clay bricks with various colors that are incombustible materials are used as external finishing materials.

    Aesthetics Icon Aesthetics

    Since clay bricks with texture of soil are used as external finishing materials, it realizes design that is not fed up even though long time has passed.

    Plain brick Slim brick
    Shape 일반벽돌 사진 슬림벽돌 사진
    Features 1. Difficult to work more than 1m per day and to work in winter.
    2. Skilled workers are required.
    3. The load is applied vertically in the stacking method.
    4. Reinforcement work is required at a certain height to distribute the load during interior and exterior decoration work.
    1. Can be constructed without height restrictions.
    2. Construction is possible without skilled workers.
    3. Durable by using aluminum rail.
    4. The load is distributed by fixing it to the rail.
    5. Can be installed directly on the sandwich panel.
    6. Excellent economic feasibility compared to general bricks.
    Specification Materials Cement, clay, etc. Clay
    Weight 1.74kg/brick, 140kg/㎡ (including joint construction) 0.83kg/brick, 45kg/㎡ (including joint construction)
    Standard 230 x 90 x 57 230 x 92.2 x 24
    Bonding Laminated construction (cement mortar bonding) Mounted on a brick rail
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    Construction method

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    Product Image

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    Bric type

  • Color
    • Ivory

    • Pink Sintoseok

    • Beige

    • Choral Beige

    • Red

    • Reddish Brown

    • Brown

    • Blue Old Brick

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